The collection of inkjet and laser cartridges, how does it work?

"From its manufacture to its end of life, every product we consume has an impact on the environment: on water, air, soil, biodiversity, climate change... To limit them, everyone has a role to play. Manufacturers and industrialists, farmers, distributors, public authorities... but also the consumers that we are."

Why recycle your inkjet and laser cartridges?

You are a company and you don’t know what to do with your empty cartridges?

Do you know that only 30 to 40% of used cartridges are treated properly?

With the Revialis collection, we guarantee the return and sorting of your Laser and Inkjet cartridges. Thus all reusable cartridges will be sorted, cleaned and passed on to our partner in order to enter a new cartridge production cycle. They are then remanufactured cartridges.

This means that instead of considering your cartridges as waste, we give them value again!

Since August 2018, print cartridges are considered as WEEE of “Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment”, so cartridges must be collected and treated in accordance with the obligations arising from this.

Recycle your print cartridges

Steps to collect

The collection of inkjet and laser cartridges concretely

Register directly online and for free, your account is then created by our teams !

A login and a password are sent to you by e-mail, to allow you to access a personalized collection portal, where you will find :

  • Your company’s collection points,
  • Your collection report,
  • Your requests for pick-up of full collection boxes
  • And other features

The Revialis collection service gives you access to a set of free services available online !

Start now, register

Request for pick-up

Once your box is full (between 15 and 20 laser cartridges for a maximum of 20Kg or about 100 inkjet cartridges minimum depending on the size of the box chosen), make a request for collection from your Customer Area. We collect the boxes from your address within 24 to 72 hours.

Arrange a removal


Inkjet and Laser Revialis cartridge collection is just the beginning of a new story… your cartridge hasn’t said its last word!

Used cartridges are sorted after collection. Cartridges are first checked, so reusable cartridges are remanufactured to be put back on the market!

Within one month from the removal of your used cartridges, Revialis provides a Waste Tracking Certificate, available from your Personal Space. This document certifies Revialis’ commitment to collect and recycle your used cartridges.

Become a player in a sustainable world